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ASO® Flex-Hinge Ankle Stabilizer (black)

Pictured below is the Internal Plastic Shell that is built into the ASO® Flex-Hinge™ Ankle Stabilizer.
When measuring your Ankle Circumference, please refer to the image below.

Features & Benefits:

  • Internal plastic shell: The upper portion of the internal plastic shell is incorporated into the eyelet lace closure to create an inner cuff around the tibia and fibula which resists separation of the tibia and fibula to help treat syndesmosis ankle sprains (high ankle sprains). Internal plastic shell with hinge is built into ballistic nylon boot and flexes to conform to the anatomy of the ankle, which greatly enhances patient comfort and compliance.
  • Stabilizing straps: Figure eight nylon stabilizing straps and elastic cuff work in conjunction with the internal plastic shell to capture the calcaneus and resist inversion or eversion motion.
  • Bilateral design: Fits left or right foot.
  • US manufacturing: higher quality control standards

Each ankle brace is sold separately.

US Patent No. 8,808,215

US Patent No. 7,651,472

US Patent No. 9,375,339

US Patent No. 10,383,404

Other patents pending


Fitting by shoe size: For more information visit our Sizing Chart.
BodyPart Measured: Ankle Circumference around the heel
Patent Number: see above
  Price - Item - Item Number Size Fits
[add to cart] $149.95: ASO® Flex-Hinge Ankle Stabilizer (black) - 264071 X-Small Fits: 10" - 11"
[add to cart] $149.95: ASO® Flex-Hinge Ankle Stabilizer (black) - 264072 Small Fits: 11" - 12"
[add to cart] $149.95: ASO® Flex-Hinge Ankle Stabilizer (black) - 264074 Medium Fits: 12" - 13"
[add to cart] $149.95: ASO® Flex-Hinge Ankle Stabilizer (black) - 264075 Large Fits: 13" - 14"
[add to cart] $149.95: ASO® Flex-Hinge Ankle Stabilizer (black) - 264076 X-Large Fits: 14" - 15"
[add to cart] $149.95: ASO® Flex-Hinge Ankle Stabilizer (black) - 264077 XX-Large Fits: 15" - 16"

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